Narkotiku apraksts

  • form of amyloidosis

    Amiloidozes formas

    Amiloidoze ir slimības grupa, galvenais notikumu cēlonis, kas ir saistīts ar proteīna nogulsnēm ķermeņa audos. Atkarībā no bojājuma, lokalizēta un vispārējās formas amiloidozes atšķirt. Saturs Ķermeņa bojājumu formas amiloidozes laikā ...
  • renal amyloidosis is what it is

    Amiloidosis nieres, kas tas ir?

    Nieres amiloidoze ir kopīgas amiloidozes izpausme. Vairumā gadījumu nieres amiloidoze ir sekundāra un ir saistīta ar hroniskas infekcijas ķermeni. Kas ir nieru amiloidoze un kā viņš tiek ārstēts? Atbilde var ...

Healing with traditional remedies

Traditional medicine combines centuries-old experience of generations and secret knowledges, which have been given by our mother nature. Thanks to this wonderful heritage of ancient medicine healers it managed to keep the connection of people with natural forces, thereby maintaining a balance on our planet. For each natural element contains everything you need for keeping a healthy body and prolonging its life.

About the medicinal properties of plants our ancestors had been known a lot, but over time, valuable information has been superseded by scientific research, the results of which left much to be desired. Adherents of orthodox medicine did not manage to find an effective way to combat numerous number of diseases and protect against adverse environmental factors. Most of pharmaceutical products were not only useless, but also dangerous for the proper functioning of the internal systems. As a result, it is not only disasterous impact on life duaration, but also on genetics, which led to the degeneration of the human race.

Ancient folk remedies for the treatment and prevention of diseases - not just words, it's a real way to give the body health and spirit - its former power. Regardless of whether the illness congenital or acquired, non-traditional methods of cleansing the body is always give a positive impact on the state of the latter. And in some cases, the result can be seen almost immediately after the using of a curative composition.

Alternative medicine includes herbal medicine, dietetics, tempering system and cleansing the body, the use of natural products of animal origin in wellness, preventive or cosmetic purposes. Using the popular methods of influence on the human body helps to rejuvenate and improve the appearance, restore memory, strengthen the nerv system, getting rid of depression, alleviate the mental and emotional disorders.

We offer you the collection of popular recipes for the treatment of a variety of diseases for both adults and children. Here you will find information about the beneficial properties of plants, bee products, as well as how to use the minerals and other components of animate and inanimate nature. Those who wish to go on a healthy lifestyle, provided an opportunity to familiarize with the recommendations in the field of nutrition, strengthen the internal organs, pest control and more. All these techniques are effective for recovery of the body and does not require special financial expenses. For non-traditional therapy is no need for medical education, all procedures can be carried out independently at home, and the result will not take long.

Be healthy!